Buyers Guide


Q. What are the benefits of plastic pallets?

A. The features of plastic pallets are:

  •  High Mechanical Strength
  • Light In weight
  • Washable
  • Water proof, Rot proof, Termite proof
  • Maintenance Free
  • Inert to most of the chemicals
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor use
  • Outlasts cost & performance of wooden pallets over a period of time
  • Ease & Safe to Handle- No splinters or nails, round edges
  • Options of additional features : fire retardant, Anti rodent, Anti-bacterial
  • Customized design & Load bearing capacities
  • Various color options

Q. Why roto molded pallets are superior to other Pallets?

A. The advantage of Roto pallets over injection molded pallets are:

  • High mechanical & impact strength due to seamless single piece design with suitable reinforcement.
  • Longer life cycle due to better technology & sturdy structure.
  • This can be repairable.
  • Can be completely cleaned by using water, steam, chemical & air blow.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Initial cost is high but economical over a period of timebecause of its durability.
  • It has better fire resistance.
  • Even traces of such contamination may affect the product kept on pallets.

Q. What sets Newgen ahead of all other rotational molders?

A. The following features sets Newgen apart:

  • Integrated facility for designing, R&D, compounding tooling & molding under one roof.
  • Largest range of pallets in the world.
  • Technically Qualified & competent team.
  • Largest capacity to make Roto pallets in the world.
  • Customize design for each & every industry.
  • Specific products for pharma, food, beverages, FMCG, Paper &textiles, automotive etc.
  • Nationwide presence of experience of serving big corporates, PSUs, Govt. Organisation.
  • Rich experience in executing bulk orders.
  • Optional features of fire retardant, anti-static, anti-rodent & anti-bacterial on demand.

Q. Is virgin plastic Important?

A. The use of virgin plastic ensures a greater structural strength and life expectancy of the products. Pallets made from virgin plastic are accepted as user friendly. The regrind resin indicates that the resin has multiple heat histories which degrade the strength and durability of the final product. Moreover, the source of recycle material is always not known whether it is scarp of pesticide containers, Battery containers or any hazardous chemical container. Even traces of such contamination may affect the product kept on pallets.

Q. How long can plastic pallets and containers be expected to last?

A. Manufactured from high quality materials, the plastic pallets and containers last for decades under proper handling and normal uses. Our pallets have a record of more than decades of usage and are still being actively used by our customers.

Q. What industries do your products serve?

A. We offer a wide range of plastic pallets to each & every industry across the globe. Presently our pallets are used in pharmaceutical, FMCG, food, Dairy Automobile, Printing, Logistics & cargo industries, where the ability to protect heavy & high value product is the main concern. In automotive industry, it is used high value components such as crankshafts, radiators & brake assemblies.

Q. Are you able to provide references?

A. We will glad to attend all the queries of clients and provide complete information regarding our manufacturing capabilities and the range of products- we deal in.

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